Brugal Siglo de Oro Seleccion Especial 40° 0.7L
Land van herkomst: Republica Dominicana
Details: Another of our family’s great treasures, Brugal Siglo De Oro was created to commemorate Brugal’s 100th anniversary. It is crafted by selecting the finest rums, and aging them in American white oak barrels for up to eight years. The incredible blend is then returned to the barrels for a second maturation of eight more years. Why do we go to so much trouble? Well my friend, after you taste Siglo De Oro, you will know why. -Colour: Deep golden hues with an almost syrupy consistency. -Nose: An aroma of wood and dried fruits will dance into your nostrils. -Palate: It is sweet, yet complex, with liberating notes of caramel followed by bitter chocolate and a smoky touch. -Aftertaste: Long, pleasant and unforgettably spicy.
Geen voorraad 148,00 €
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